Introducing latino integrated solutions

We provide the best Latino brands for everyone to enjoy

Miche Mix®

The Miche Mix brand is the perfect michelada companion. Miche Mix offers a ready-to-drink cup for michelada as well as regular and extra spicy flavors of michelada mixes.

La Fina®

La Fina is "El Sabor de Mexico" (The Taste of Mexico). This product truly represents the Latino love for food and cooking. La Fina is iodized and refined salt produced with the highest quality standards. Under the same brand, we offer Chile Limon powder, which Is a 100% natural seasoning. It's great for adding an extra kick of flavor to fruit, chips or popcorn. This pair is a must have in your Latino grocery set.

Sal Elefante®

This is coarse sea salt, and it's perfect for cooking or grilling. According to Nielsen Mexico, the product has 42% of market share in the grocery segment in Mexico.