Company | May 11, 2018

Introducing Latino Factor

Almost eleven years ago, IMM was born from an opportunity in the market. Latino brands were not getting the exposure they warranted, and we decided to become the architects for these brands and build them from the ground up. We started with a small warehouse, five associates, one brand and the dream to share Latino brands with everyone.

Last year when we celebrated our company’s 10th anniversary, we reflected on our journey, all our ups and downs, all the lessons we learned, and the experiences we shared. We re-evaluated the clarity and the meaning of our company’s purpose, and decided that more than ever, our purpose will remain: For everyone to enjoy the best Latino brands.

We asked ourselves: where will we be 10 years from now? And it brought us to the realization that to be fair to our purpose, we had to go beyond sharing Latino products. So we challenged ourselves to become the largest connector of not only Latino products, but services and experiences as well. Therefore, to focus on this we are restructuring our way of work.

IMM will continue to exist as a company that will aim to become the connector of everything Latino through the creation of other companies and brands. This new movement that we’re about to start will be represented under the new umbrella of Latino Factor- An IMM Initiative.

What does Latino Factor stand for? The Latino Factor is what makes our culture great. The brand represents four pillars which we have enjoyed sharing over the course of these past eleven years. We are family-oriented, different, inventive, and effusive. Together, these elements make our culture unique and represent this hint of passion that goes into everything we do.

We would like to thank all our associates, partners, suppliers, and consumers that helped us to get closer to our purpose and we would like to invite you to continue with us on this new journey as we set out to show how we make the difference.